March 2017 Press Release - Impacting Southeast Region - Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida

Ameron Pole Products, LLC is pleased to announce a strategic partnership in the Southeast Region with SESCO Lighting, Inc.

SESCO will have exclusive representation for all three Ameron™ product lines (spun-cast concrete, steel, and fiberglass) in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Caribbean. Combining the strong sales network of SESCO with the strong brand recognition of Ameron™ poles enables extended growth opportunities for both companies.

Established in 1967, SESCO is the largest lighting agency in the US, with 13 offices and 200 employees throughout the Southeast United States. With more than 2000 years of combined experience, SESCO is recognized as an industry leader providing its customers exceptional results.

With a reputation for aesthetics, quality, and longevity, Ameron™ poles have strong brand recognition and a nationwide following. The products are manufactured and supplied from 4 manufacturing facilities; Alabama, Oklahoma, Washington, and California.

Expect More from the Leader

When it comes to spun-cast concrete streetlighting poles, expect more from Ameron, the nation's leading manufacturer. Expect more pole designs, both modern and traditional, including standard and custom models designed to your exact specifications. Expect more aggregate colors and textures. Expect more luminaire and accessory choices. And expect the best service warranty in the business - 10 full years.

Ameron's spun-cast concrete streetlighting poles are prestressed with steel cables for maximum durability. They're virtually maintenance- free. They don't bend, dent or peel. They don't require re-painting or rust-proofing. And they're built to stand strong and look good in all kinds of weather for many years. That makes Ameron concrete poles an excellent, cost-effective choice for your next job.

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