Ameron Catalog: Specialty Poles

Product Catalog: Specialty Poles

Security Camera Pole

Ameron™ Security Camera Poles

Spun-cast concrete poles perform exceptionally well against wind vibrations and harmonics known to be problematic for security camera applications. Lightweight pole materials tend to sway, vibrate and bend, causing shaky video. Spun-cast concrete poles are manufactured with a very dense shaft and high moment of inertia, resulting in excellent long-term stability and reliability. Spun-cast concrete is the ideal pole choice for security camera applications. 

Ameron™ poles can multi-task by supporting camera equipment as well as outdoor lighting or other accessories. Multi-purpose poles can be designed with an additional conduit line to accommodate separation between electrical lines and any other conductors to help comply with stringent local building codes where applicable.   

With our complete line of colors and natural stone aggregates, you can select a tone that discreetly blends in with nearby surroundings. Many pole heights and camera mounting options are available.  Consult with your dedicated sales agents to determine which Ameron pole is the best solution for your security system. 

General Information

Ameron's Centrecon Series poles are symmetrically tapered spun-cast, prestressed concrete shafts for either base mounted or embedded installations to provide dense, high strength, centrifugally cast concrete with high-tensile, solid steel prestressing wires, uniformly wrapped with spiral welded wire cage at a controlled pitch for torsional reinforcement. Ameron poles conform to applicable sections of ACI, AASHTO, ASTM, and UBC standards.

Surface Treatment

The concrete shafts are lightly blasted to expose the texture and beauty of the natural and terrazzo aggregates while maintaining sharp definition of details and patterns.

Colors and Finishes

Standard, pre-formulated and custom aggregate colors are available. See separate aggregate sheet for details. Ameron offers AmershieldTM, a premium graffiti-resistant coating, plus an assortment of durable sealers and protectants that further enhance colors, protect the concrete surface and aid in the removal of graffiti.

For your local representative, please contact our Concrete or Steel Customer Service Department.

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