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Product Catalog: Specialty Poles

MPBR System Mod Pole

Ameron™ MPBR System

A new pole in minutes and all lines remain fully energized.


The Ameron™ MPBR is a 60-90 minute pole butt replacement solution for ground-decayed wood, relocations, grade changes and car-hit poles. 


The MPBR concept is a “splice-repair” method. The damaged lower section of the pole is replaced with a sturdy concrete modular base.  The entire upper section is simply transferred to the new base and secured with a quick-setting grout.  The top section of the pole is left intact, all lines and equipment remain fully energized during the process. Standard pole replacement equipment is used. 


Each module consists of two simple parts: the tapered prestressed spun-cast concrete module and a galvanized steel connector for joining the intact top section of the pole to its new concrete base.  High structural strength concrete modules provide original pole strength in all directions with safety, economy and ease of installation. 


Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and easy to install

  • Lines remain fully energized

  • Top section of pole remains intact

  • Concrete modules are available in lengths of 9, 14, and 18 feet. 

A fast, safe, cost cutting pole-butt replacement. 

General Information

The Ameron tapered spun-cast, prestressed concrete pole is manufactured to obtain optimum strength. Each Ameron pole features accurately placed high-tensile steel prestressing cables; a welded, spirally wrapped wire cage for torsional reinforcement; high-strength centrifugally cast concrete; and a surface treated to insure uniform texture. Ameron poles conform to applicable sections of ACI, AASHTO, ASTM and UBC Standards.

Surface Treatment

The concrete shafts are lightly blasted to expose the texture and beauty of the natural aggregates while maintaining sharp definition of details and patterns.

Colors and Finishes

Standard, pre-formulated and custom aggregate colors are available. See separate aggregate sheet for details. Ameron offers AmershieldTM, a premium graffiti-resistant coating, plus an assortment of durable sealers and protectants that further enhance colors, protect the concrete surface and aid in the removal of graffiti.

For your local representative, please contact our Concrete or Steel Customer Service Department.

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