Ameron Catalog: Specialty Poles

Product Catalog: Specialty Poles

Ameron Fiberglass uPole Utility Pole

The Ameron™ uPole™

The uPole has been accepted on utility standards with over 100 Municipalities, IOUs and Electric Cooperatives... and the list is growing!  Our sand-hardened utility pole is manufactured using Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials.  FRP is resistant to all known mechanisms of degradation.  The strength and durability of the uPole provides dependable and cost effective defense against weather related threats to an electric utility's ability to deliver power to its customers. 

Features and Benefits:

Eliminates maintenance costs related to rust and corrosion, rot woodpeckers, termites, water absorption, long term creep, snow and ice, and hot and arid exposures. 

Fire resistant

Approximately 40% lighter than wood poles

High Basic Impulse Level (BIL) compared to wood per NEETRAC testing.

Supports standard transformers, cross arms and other hardware. 

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