Ameron Catalog: Traditional Poles

Product Catalog: Traditional Poles

Traditional Series


The design of the Huntington pole dates back to the 1920s when similar poles were installed in several Southern Californian cities. When many of these original poles were damaged in the Northridge earthquake in 1994, Ameron International was asked to reproduce the classic design. However, Ameron's version features important technological improvements including centrifugally cast, prestressed concrete for maximum strength and durability.

Ameron's Traditional Series spun-cast, prestressed concrete lighting poles combine the charm of yesterday with today's technology. Available in a variety of configurations, colors and finishes, these poles provide architects and designers many creative options. All Ameron spun-cast concrete poles have our exclusive ten-year warranty. Durability with a classic touch.

General Information

Ameron™ poles are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations. Constructed with the highest quality prestressed concrete, these centrifugally cast, low-maintenance poles are strong, durable, and vibration resistant. Ameron poles conform to applicable sections of ACI, AASHTO, ASTM, and IBC standards.

Surface Treatment

The concrete shafts are lightly blasted to expose the texture and beauty of the natural aggregates while maintaining sharp definition of details and patterns.

Colors and Finishes

Standard, pre-formulated and custom aggregate colors are available. See separate aggregate sheet for details. Ameron offers AmershieldTM, a premium graffiti-resistant coating, plus an assortment of durable sealers and protectants that further enhance colors, protect the concrete surface and aid in the removal of graffiti.

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