Ameron Catalog: Specialty Poles

Product Catalog: Specialty Poles

Centrecon Series

Wood Grained Pole (non-tapered)

Have the look and feel of wood without the problems. Produced from environmentally friendly spun-cast concrete, our poles will not crack or warp like wood. Ameron duplicated the wood grain lines in every detail. Perfect for pathways, western themes, green belts and roadways. Luminaires are attached to decorative side mounted brackets. Available in several wood-grained colors to match their surroundings.

General Information

The poles shall be formed as a single piece, square prestressed concrete poles with either baseplate or direct embedded base. They shall be centrifugally cast, fully prestressed concrete poles conforming to AASHTO specifications and conform to requirements of ASTM-C1089.

Surface Treatment

After manufacturing the poles, the aggregate shall be lightly exposed by an even coating from a steel shot blaster. Following the shot blasting, the pole shall be coated with a pigmented concrete coating to enhance pole color.

Wood-grained striations are cast into the outside surface of the concrete poles during manufacturing. This creates the wood-like appearance of the finished project.

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