Composite Distribution uPole

A robust, cost-effective alternative to wood, steel, and pre-stressed concrete distribution poles.


A trusted and reliable solution

The Ameron™ composite distribution uPole™ was introduced to the utility market in 2008. Since then, it has been adopted by investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipalities, and electric cooperatives in North America and internationally.

A cost-effective alternative to wood, steel, and pre-stressed concrete distribution poles, the uPole is manufactured using fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP). It is then finished with a sand-hardened coating has been subjected to over 100,000 hours (100+ years equivalent) and counting accelerated weathering exposure in a UV chamber under aggressive UV-B bulbs without any coating cracking, peeling, or other significant degradation.

With the prevalence of grid hardening initiatives to improve infrastructure, we offer support that can give you greater peace of mind.

For even greater protection in fire-prone areas, we offer an enhanced fire-resistant uPole. Poles enhanced with a fire-resistant coating were proven to retain up to 98% of their original strength depending on fire exposure time and thickness of the coating.

The uPole is resistant to most forms of degradation.

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    Hot and arid exposure

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    Snow and ice

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    Water absorption

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    Wood rot

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Features and benefits

  • Non-tapered pole allows for consistent fit of electrical equipment, predictable sizing, and simplified field fitting
  • Sand finish creates a rough, non-slip surface for lineman to perform work more easily
  • High Basic Impulse Level (BIL) compared to wood per NEETRAC testing
    • 600 kV dry
    • 455 kV wet
    • 75 impulses no damage
  • Composite Distribution uPole Brochure

  • Enhanced Fire-Resistant uPoles Technical Bulletin

  • uPole Quick Select Guide

  • uPole Selection Guide


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