Wood Grain Poles and Bollards

Wood-Grain Poles and Bollards

Decorative concrete poles that provide wood-grain detail, beautiful finish.


The look of wood without the maintenance requirements.

Our wood-grained decorative concrete poles complete your projects by providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution that is matched with a unique aesthetic finish. Spun-cast technology provides the durability that add to the success of your project. The unique, wood-grain finish makes this the perfect solution for any project that requires personality.

Offerings include both streetlight poles and bollard lighting solutions that provide a complete and distinctive look.

  • Ameron Centrecon Series Wood-Grained Pole (Tapered) Data Sheet

    coming soon
  • Ameron Centrecon Series Wood-Grained Pole (Non-Tapered) Data Sheet

    coming soon
  • Ameron Square Wood-Grain Bollard Data Sheet

    coming soon

Features and benefits

  • Available in several wood-grained color stains to match your preferences
  • Centrifugally cast, our poles are formed as a single piece, square concrete shaft and can be manufactured for a direct embed or baseplate application
  • Poles conform to AASHTO specifications and ASTM-C1089 requirements
  • Luminaires formed from high-quality cast aluminum and are powder coated to meet your project specifications
Bring a distinctive look to commercial properties.
Provide pathway lighting that expertly matches the surroundings.
Accessorize and finish your project with complementary wood-grained bollards.


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